Model Specifications


  • Style Master 9'

    • 9'0" x 27.5" x 3.5" x 106L

  • Style Master 10'

    • 10'0" x 28" x 3.75" x 127L




Available in:

  • Hawaiian Performer (HP)





  • Blue/White

  • Bamboo


10' Nose Rider @ The Entrance - Todd Smythe


The Nose Rider series was inspired by the playful breaks of Waikiki, where versatility and laid-back longboard styles of surfing prevails.  This series is for syle masters.  These shapes are also great for cruising over the ocean effortlessly between the breaks, and are a perfect companion for all paddle adventures.


These boards allow you to make loose, short-board like turns of the tail as well as long toes-on-the-nose rides.  It's also ideal for trimming and tracking and suits those that just want to cruise.  he Nose Rider's have a classic Longboard outline with a flattened deck.  A wide full nose with a subtle concave bottom hull creates lift that makes nose-rides easy.  The longer models are user-friendly for all levels of rider and allow plenty of room for progression.  The smaller models are ideal for lighter or more advanced riders.

Waikiki Nose Rider



  • Go pro mount

  • Vent plug

  • 4 futures boxes, 1x US centre fin box

  • SUP grip carry handle

  • Reinforced nose, tail & rails

  • Deck pad

  • Reinforced fin box cassettes


9'0x275 Nose Performer wht-blue HP
9' x 275_ Nose Performer 9 Bamboo HP
10'0x28 Nose Performer 10 wht-blu HP
10' x 28 Nose Performer 10 Bamboo HP