10'2 Easy Model

The Easy Model - 10'2 x 32 x 45 181 Liters.

Skyla Rayner, Nathan Cross & Jared Reed put the easy board to the test when they found some small playful waves along the east coast. "Catching long flowing rides on the Easy was epic, the board paddled with ease and I had much fun on it" said Skyla. Nathan said "I was surprised by how maneuverable the board was". Jared also said "It is the perfect family board, as his wife paddled out his little daughter on the board".

The Cruiser Series was designed for SUPers looking to do predominantly recreational paddling with the ability for beginner/intermediate surfing. This board is the perfect family board enabling you to paddle with ease. These are Blue Planets most versatile boards with stability and ease of use in mind. The 10'2 Easy board is perfect to help you get on the water for the first time.

Check out the clip below to get a real insight on how the Easy board flows along the surface. This is a perfect recreational board for all.

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