Foiling 101

Riding a foil is a new and exciting way to have fun in the Ocean. You can catch waves/swell you never thought were possible, fly above the water with nearly no noise and drag and above all else, is one more way to have more fun on the water.

At Blue Planet we love riding in the Ocean and foiling has allowed us to do more of this and at much greater speed. Foiling can allow you to go around two times faster you would normally experience on a downwind run and get through sections that usually are not possible on a normal board in the surf.

There are a variety of different styles and shapes out there on the market at the moment but I'm not sure any have done as much R&D on SUP Foiling then Robert Stehlik and Blue Planet Surf. Robert has developed a foil that is easy to get started and a board that is super stable and forgiving to ride - allowing you to go as small as possible and most importantly crash with the least amount of damage.

Robert is currently releasing some great videos to help you improve your foiling or just get started. Keep an eye out on his Youtube Channel Blue Planet Surf for all the latest developments.

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