Bump Surfer - 12'6" x 28" x 5.4" x 245L

The Molokai Express Bump Rider series is designed to excel in open ocean downwind conditions. The planing hull shape combined with soft rails and a high volume nose is our favourite for fast downwind runs and open ocean racing. The outline, rocker and rail shape have been refined over the last few years by the Blue Planet race team, resulting in boards that fit perfectly into the bumps, create lots of lift for long glides and carry speed with little effort. These shapes have race proven results. They also work incredibly well for touring, cruising and surfing.

12'6" Bump Surfer

    • Always rinse your board with freshwater after use.
    • Do not leave your board in direct sunlight or hot conditions with no ventilation as blistering or warping may occur.
    • Avoid dragging or leaning your board on hard surfaces.
    • Do not ride up onto the sand or rocks. 
    • Do not leave your board inside a vehicle in sunlight for extended periods.