Multi Tasker - 10'6" x 34" x 4" x 170L

This range was designed to work for those that want to paddle in the calm and protected areas like Ala Moana lagoon for fun and exercise. This series fastracks the progression from the calm waters to the gentle surf breaks that lay beyond the reef with their superior small wave performance.

These are our best selling shapes, and for good reason. They combine ease of use, stability, glide and manueverability in a variety of conditions. While they provide enough stability for beginners, they are also great for ripping up waves and having fun whether in the surf or on flatwater. The full rails and flat deck gives them great stability even on those rough, choppy days, while the smooth outline and constant curve rocker combine for great surfing performance.

10'6" Multi Tasker

    • Always rinse your board with freshwater after use.
    • Do not leave your board in direct sunlight or hot conditions with no ventilation as blistering or warping may occur.
    • Avoid dragging or leaning your board on hard surfaces.
    • Do not ride up onto the sand or rocks. 
    • Do not leave your board inside a vehicle in sunlight for extended periods.