Zen Master - 10'10" x 33" x 4.5" x 195L

The Cruiser series shapes have a classic long board outline with a flattened deck, making them ideal for cruising over the ocean and flat water effortlessly. The longer shapes are user-friendly for all levels of rider and allow plenty of room for progression, while allowing for a faster glide. They make a perfect companion for all flatwater paddle adventures for riders of all abilities.

10'10 Zen Master

    • Always rinse your board with freshwater after use.
    • Do not leave your board in direct sunlight or hot conditions with no ventilation as blistering or warping may occur.
    • Avoid dragging or leaning your board on hard surfaces.
    • Do not ride up onto the sand or rocks. 
    • Do not leave your board inside a vehicle in sunlight for extended periods.