Nose Performer 10 - 10'0" x 28" x 3.75" x 127L

The Nose Rider series was inspired by the playful breaks of Waikiki, where versatility and laid-back longboard styles of surfing prevails. This series is for style masters.
These boards allow you to make loose, short-board like turns of the tail as well as long toes-on-the-nose rides. It's also ideal for trimming and tracking and suits those that just want to cruise. The Nose Rider's have a classic Longboard outline with a flattened deck. A wide full nose with a subtle concave bottom hull creates lift that makes nose-rides easy.

10'0 Nose Performer

    • Always rinse your board with freshwater after use.
    • Do not leave your board in direct sunlight or hot conditions with no ventilation as blistering or warping may occur.
    • Avoid dragging or leaning your board on hard surfaces.
    • Do not ride up onto the sand or rocks. 
    • Do not leave your board inside a vehicle in sunlight for extended periods.