Model Specifications


  • Micro Chip

    • 7'6" x 29" x 3.5" x 96L

  • Taro Chip

    • 8'0" x 30.5" x 3.75" x 115L

  • Potato Chip

    • 8'6" x 31" x 4" x 130L

  • Fish n Chips

    • 8'11" x 32" x 4" x 142L




Available in:

  • Hawaiian Waterman (HW)

  • Hawaiian Performer (HP)





  • Blue/White





  • Bamboo

  • Blue/White


See Paddle Surfing in action - SUP sessions:


Everyone loves these short, wide shapes. 

These models are short and wide for excellent manoeuvrability in the pocket, good stability and ease of use.  The thin rails and fast rocker line make them super fun in head high powerful surf and will let you have a lot of fun on those less than perfect surfing days. The full nose and tail provide effortless glide, whilst generating lift and speed easily, even in the  most wind-scoured surf. This series will make any day on the water one to remember.

Kailua Series



  • Go pro mount

  • Vent plug

  • 4 futures boxes, 1x US centre fin box

  • SUP grip carry handle

  • Reinforced nose, tail & rails

  • Deck pad

  • Reinforced fin box cassettes


7'6x29 Micro Chip wht-blue carbon HW
7'6_x29 Micro Chip wht_blue HP
8'0x305 Taro Chip wht-blue HW
8'0x305 Taro Chip wht-blue HP
8' x 305_ Taro Chip Bamboo HP
8'6x32 Potato Chip wht-blue carbn HW
8'6_ x 32_ Potato Chip Bamboo HP
8'11x32 Fish N Chips wht-blue HW
8'11_ x 32 Fish N Chips wht_ blue HP
8'11_ x 32 Fish N Chips Bamboo HP