Foil Boarding is the latest craze taking off around the world and once again Blue Planet is at the forefront of the development of the Sport. The Organisations founder, Robert Stehlik from Hawaii has been busy mastering the art and developing products along the way to help people get involved and progressing in this tricky but highly addictive new phenomenon.

The foils have been designed by Robert in conjunction with an aeronautical engineer and he has spent the last year testing and re-designing the foil to get the best possible performance. From the construction materials to the end shape and design, Robert has been able to produce a high quality product proven to improve your foiling experience.


Two key aspects of the boards and foils are:

1) allow the paddler to easily take off with a smooth transition from the board plane to the foil and

2) optimize stability and responsiveness while in flight.

With surf spots getting more and more crowded by the day, foiling has allowed watermen and waterwomen to find new territories to get their fix. Foils are designed to lift the board out of the water, eliminating all board related drag, allowing surfers to catch bumps and swells that normally could not be ridden by traditional board design.

From the last couple of years of research comes the Blue Planets range of Foils and Foil Boards.​