How to Choose the Perfect SUP

Get the ideal board for YOU!

Blue Planet Boards - explained by series and identified by length, width, thickness and volume. A Photo of each board is also included to show the shape. 



Pick the series that most suits the style of paddle boarding you will be doing, Whether it be surfing, cruising on flat water or a combination of both with an ALL ROUNDER board. 


Select the correct size board for you by following the beginner, intermediate and advanced guides provided. 


North Shore Series 

  • Advanced High Performance Surf 

  • Narrow tail, pulled in nose and thinned out rails for uncompromising performance on good waves 

South Side Series 

  • Great All round model 

  • This series sets a new standard in ease of use and performance in both flat water and surf

Kailua Series 

  • Short and wide for onshore choppy days 

  • Excellent maneuverability in the pocket, good stability and ease of use 

Flatwater Cruiser Series

  • Flatwater All Rounder 

  • Ideal for cruising over the ocean and flat water effortlessly 

Waikiki Nose Rider Series

  • Advanced long board surfing

  • Versatility and a laid back long board style of surfing 

Ala Moana Series

  • Ocean All rounder 

  • Cruising and small surf 

  • From calm waters to gentle breaks, this series enables superior small wave performance