Nathan Cross - 22

Hometown: Jervis Bay NSW, Australia

What I do when I’m not on the water: I work as a plumber, love photography & travelling.

How and when I got into SUP: Jervis Bay is a perfect place for anyone to learn how to SUP, producing some really fun small waves. When I was 15 years old I tried paddleboarding for the first time with my family, with a local paddleboarding business (Jervis Bay Stand Up Paddle). I had my first competition when I was 19 years old and that’s where I decided I loved the sport and wanted to keep doing this. My mum loves the sport as well and she really pushed and encouraged me to have a go with SUP.

What I like most about SUP: I’ve been addicted to the ocean ever since I was born, anything to do with it keeps me happy. SUP is just another way to enjoy the water and the people that are involved around the sport are awesome to be around bringing positive and happy vibes.

Favorite Blue Planet Gear: I’m loving the variety of gear Blue Planet is producing. I wish I had enough time to try it all! One of the most exciting Blue Planet products would have to be the Foil Board. I can’t wait to have one of my own in 2018. The Kai Zen race paddles are a great design and I’m looking forward to some of the new products coming soon expanding the range even further!

I am proud of this accomplishment: Being able to represent and be apart of Blue Planet. Improving my results each event I attend. Making the Australian Titles for both the Battle of the Paddle (BOP) and the Marathon.

Something on my Bucket List: The APP World Tour.






Skyla Rayner - 19

Hometown: Berrara NSW, Australia

How and when I got into SUP: I got into stand-up paddling around a year ago. I have been a surfer my whole life but for my 18th birthday I got a paddleboard. I got into it as my mum and her friends would all go compete in the local SUP state titles comp and told me to do it as I had potential. Nathan and my parents organised a 7’0 paddle board for me for my birthday and it started from there.

What I like most about SUP: I LOVE the people. Everyone that is in the SUP industry is so friendly and supportive. It’s awesome getting to know new people who love what you love. Paddleboarding is also great as it’s easy to get on waves and even if there is no swell you can still take your board out and manage to catch a wave. IT’S ADDICTIVE. I also like the fact that you can flat water paddle, downwind paddle and surf. There is just so much to do in all kinds of conditions.

I’m proud of this accomplishment: Im proud of winning my second ever SUP comp in Scotts Head last year. I also was really happy at getting 3rd in this years state SUP surfing titles and 2nd in the marathon race.

Future Goals and Something on my “Bucket List”: I would love to be able to compete in the APP world tour one day for surfing, that would be the ultimate goal!














Ty Judson - 17

Hometown: Boomerang Beach, east coast of Australia.

How and when I got into SUP: Dad had an old all rounder in the shed and I decided I’d take it out into the surf and have a bit of fun. Actually really enjoyed it. Not only did I double my wave count, my rides were double the length too, so it went from there and I soon after bought a stand up for myself. That was about three years ago now and I haven’t looked back.

What I like most about SUP: The versatility. There are so many aspects to stand up paddle. From surfing to touring, racing and the most recent foiling craze. It’s something you can do with all your mates or individually you can go for a paddle, in the ocean lake or any body of water.

Favorite Blue Planet gear: The Ninja/Pocket series surf SUPs would have to be up there with some of my favourites. Perfect balance of hold, speed, flow and release when its needed. The well thought out rail profile and fin setup allows the board to adapt to any surf condition. This range of boards will handle anything thrown its way.

I’m proud of this accomplishment: Being accepted to compete in the M2O.

Something on my “Bucket List”: To catch a big wave. To have stand up barrels all day. To paddle the planet.













Blair Hall

Hometown: Forster NSW, Australia.

What I do when I’m not on the water: Spearfishing at home in the Vege patch or doing renovations on the family’s home.

How and when I got into SUP: Watching Terry Chung 04/05 winter SUP a point break wave on Kauai solo while I was nursing a back injury.

What I like most about SUP: Windy, glassy, big or small, you can do it all.

Favorite Blue Planet gear: 12’6 Bump Surfer.

What “Find Paradise” means to me: The ability to go where no one else is.

I’m proud of this accomplishment: To still be doing it considering the injuries I’ve had.

Something on my “Bucket List”: Near self sufficient lifestyle on acres near water.


















Jared Reed

Jared Reed is the Owner of Blue Planet SUP Australia and first starting deistributing Blue Planet boards here in Aus in 2011. From a small 20 foot sample container delivered to his home in 2011 to now having helped over 2000 Australians experience the joy of owning a Blue Planet Board.


Jared is a keen rider himself and loves to surf most of all. He has been lucky enough to travel to The Mentawais and The Hawaiian Islands and experience his passion of riding perfect waves in some of the best places in the world. His favorite board is the 12’6 bumpsurfer which he rates as “the best all round board”on the market….he may be a little biased but if you have seen some of the footage on it surfing at Bells with Dolphins, Downwinding, paddling with his daughters on the front or riding some 6 foot waves around his local area you will see why.


Jared also loves to race in the Surf and has recently been selected in the NSW team to compete in the Battle of the Paddle Event on the Gold Coast in November 2017.


If you are on or around the Central Coast, hit Jared up for some great advice on finding the right board –

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