"The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun"

 Duke Kahanamoku



The Blue Planet brand was born in the Hawaiian Islands 25 years ago and has prided itself on being at the cutting edge of Stand Up Paddle Board design and technology ever since.


In 2018 Robert and the Blue Planet team are still Living their dream and our products are available all around the world with key distributors in Australia, mainland USA, Canada, Fiji and parts of Asia.



The name Blue Planet was inspired by the view from an airplane window returning home to Hawaii - We live on a Blue Planet, more than two thirds of earth is covered by water with the Earth’s Oceans absorbing significantly more carbon dioxide than
all the forests in the world combined.


As a business, we do our best to protect this great resource and use evironmentally responsible materials, conserve energy and recycle. We encourage our customers to do the same and believe that having fun in the ocean is a key factor for motivating us in protecting it - so our mission is simple... 


help more people have fun on the water.



Developed and tested by leading hawaiian waterman Robert Stehlik, the line-up of boards are built to offer great performance in all riding conditions for beginners to advanced. Whether it’s competing in the gruelling 32 mile Molokai to Oahu race, surfing 10’ waves at Waimea, paddling down
the Grand Canyon or just cruising your local waterway; the Blue Planet range has something for everyone with a passion for water and the great outdoors.



Stand up paddling... it’s all we do.