2013 Molokai Race training with Greg Pavao on 14' Bump Rider:


The 14' Dark Horse Racer is designed for use all-round use in surf races, flat water and downwind conditions. With a full carbon construction, the Blue Planet Dark Horse is a regular board choice for the annual Hawaiian Molokai race due to its superior glide and tracking characteristics.  Get further, faster on this carbon super light.

14' Dark Horse Racer

full carbon super light



  • 1 Centre Fin

  • SUP Grip

  • Gore-Tex vent plug

  • Go Pro mount

  • Full carbon construction




  • Length: 14'

  • Width: 26"

  • Depth: 6.5"

  • Volume: 221L

  • Rider Weight: <150kgs


14' Dark Horse Carbon Race Board
14' Dark Horse Carbon Race Board