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For SUPers looking for stability and glide, the Wave Guru is for you. With its huge length and width, the 11'0" Wave Guru is designed for bigger paddlers that want volume and stability without sacrificing performance. A high performance surf and paddle board, with 209 Litres of volume the Wave Guru is best suited to paddlers up to 170kg (advanced) or 140kg (moderate/beginner).

11'0" Wave Guru



  • Carbon deck

  • Futures Fins

  • SUP grip carry handle

  • Reinforced nose, tail & rails

  • Deck pad

  • Reinforced fin box cassettes

  • Deck tie mount




  • Length: 11'0"

  • Width: 34"

  • Depth: 4.5"

  • Volume: 209L

  • Rider Weight: <170kgs


11ft Wave Guru Blue Planet SUP
11ft Wave Guru Blue Planet SUP